Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bahasa Malaysia Dialog Presentation

Today at my college , the lecture or cikgu that we normally call, told us to do a acting in front of the class and give us 1 hour to get ready. So in my group everybody like not want to do anything. So i came out an idea how about acting in a Mamak Restaurant. So all of them agree. There is 4 customer, 1 chef and 1 waiter. The dialog is in BM but i translate it to ENGLISH

So before we start I introduce the role of the each person in the group like this

Me:This this person is waiter and so on

Waiter: Please have a sit

Me: What is this in the menu,

Waiter: This is the Nasi Goreng(Fried Rice)

Me: Fry with what?

Waiter: With chicken

Me: why the menu never write with chicken one?

Waiter: The menu is cacat(got problem), what you want to drink?

Me: I want to drink Teh ice add ice

Waiter: Mr you mean Teh with ice

Me: Ya

Waiter: This is your Fried Rice with Chicken

Me: Why my fried chicken no skin one?

Waiter: still can eat right

Me: I want it to be change

Waiter: cannot lah a lot of people

Me: Ok Ok lah I eat it. Why the food came faster than the drinks?

Waiter: I also don’t know


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