Friday, October 30, 2009

New Way To Spy People!

video camea pen

The power of media lies in the hidden cameras these days and most journalists, reporters have turned into investigative geeks, gamers and curious children. This Sleek Video Camera Pen can really prove that well known phrase ‘Pen is mightier than sword’ true for all investigative geek journalists and makes for a convenient spy gadget.

spy camera pen

The Video Camera Pen has a built-in concealed very tiny camera on the pocket clip and a microphone just under it on the barrel. With just a press of a button one can record audio videos clearly up to a distance. The memory capacity is 4 GB which means roughly 2 ½ hours footage can be easily recorded and stored and also includes a USB 2.0 port so whole recording can be downloaded easily into laptop. Investigative geeks can just slip this pen into pocket and record everything from secret meeting proceedings to underhand dealings. It is a must have accessory for all detectives for spying cannot be complete without hidden camera.

In modern world pen and written words are not enough, there has to be audio-video back-up evidence for everything. This Video Camera Pen which costs merely $129.95 can be very powerful tool if it is used effectively and intelligently. Needless to say it can be used as a pen too. If you are seriously into business of investigating and spying then please take a look at the Spy Cap Recorder and Chewing Gum Camera.

This camera is really useful when we want to trap people or want to take some evidence out from that people. For example when your car accident and scared the person hit you one report by changing the story say that you hit them. But during the accident he say he will cover it. So use the recording as evidence even there are camera. So interesting, where can i get it!


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