Thursday, October 8, 2009


The blogger site that I am talking about is FOURFEETNINE LINK




I just want to say i like the video about fourfeetnine the blogger is Audrey and her blog. Starting I would start with the video, the video it is interesting and by watching that I would expect to watch more and more. The interesting part of the video is, it have a lot of humor in it. By watching the video it have give me a happy time watching the video and love the way how she act and want to know more about how she blog and more interesting video related to her. My conclusion is that the video is interesting and enjoying from my point of view because it have a lot of that ability and attractiveness in it that have attracted me to watch or want more from that video, maybe other people would love it too not only me.

The following would be her BLOG. I love the blog because it is simple and nice, do not have advertisement around, it have a nice and plain webpage it is interesting is the content in the inside and the interesting about it is that audrey every post there are picture or video that is what i attract to it. A blog with only word, will make people get bored easily. By reading her blog it make me expect more from her blog. Love the pink color and the blog do not have word or color that will hurt my eye or anything. Conclusion is that about fourtfeetnine blog not only about her height that stated at the URL, is that her blog post everything is perfect and simple and that is what attract people into her blog. Reading people blog is not only reading blindly, by reading it we can learn a lot of thing for example learning how to blog, learning English, knowing that person better and many more that can learn from the blog. I am looking fordward to come back to her blog and read about her new post.

On top are my blog post from Window Live Space, i carry it to my blogspot is because want to share with you guys and girls. On the same time I would thanks Audrey AKA FourFeetNine for visitng my blog and commenthing. Thx again.

Audrey wrote:

hi jimmy! just wanna say thank u for writing about me...i was very touched T3T i like how u blog very honestly and from the heart... good luck!

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