Friday, October 2, 2009

Need For Speed Shift Rating

For me I would give NFS: Shift a 8.5/10. Because I giving this rating, because the game is quite fun not that boring. The game does look like GRID but like the upgrade version.


When you driving the car in the cockpit look it is like you are driving an F1 car in the circuit. Then the graphic does look tremendous. Then turning around was fun if you get hang on it. Then you can bang other car and many more stuff awaiting for you to try it. Even if you don’t know how to brake in time or anything the game have a setting will help you to brake when your car speed to fast in the corner. Thumb up to NFS: SHIFT.


Every time what are you doing is the same like keeping driving in the circuit round twice then finish the game. Loading screen during the game is damn long make me almost fall asleep during playing the game.

I just started playing 1 hour ago. So maybe there are more digging to do. Just sharing about the game. Sharing is Caring.


This is the BMW I love BMW the design in the car does look promising. For the first car i buy is BMW =].

Below is some of the cockpit picture of the car it look GOOD!

My next REVIEW IS FIFA 10 when i get my hand on it!

FIFA10_PC_GameplayWithHUD_001.jpg PC 5 image by wepeeler

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kenwooi said...

NFS is cool..
and i wanna get FIFA 10! =D