Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maybank2U Fake email


First I saw this email from my junk email and saw it. I have heard a lot of fake Maybank2u email. Just playing around


Then I clicked the link I arrive to the weird URL. Then I fill my details.

1) My Username(Try to look at the picture what did i put)

2) My Password(123456 i think)

Then I clicked login obviously it straight go to the next page.


After done with my Username and Password it arrive to a page call me to put my TAC digit code. Then I am helping them to put a number “123456” so that their database can use more useful stuff then cheating people. Then i click submit then (look below)


Then it say Unblocked Account. Been waiting for hours it loading maybe will take years if you open the whole year. That is how I Validate my account!

Why they can Bluff me":

1) First I don’t have a Maybank account

2) The URL is so weird

3) the unblock account page it load for years

4) Username and Password put wrong or correct also can get login

5) At their fake website says never login via email links but they email us the link

Finally their read my username they will know what it mean by

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