Friday, October 30, 2009

My Moral Presentation

For last Thursday is my Presentation for my Moral Studies in class. My title I would be presenting is Corruption of Malaysia and Sweden. Then before presenting was waiting for one of my group members and he did not come. My friend told me he is sleeping when we have presentation –_-“

Then before presenting I feel a bit nervous, when watching one group presenting during Q and A part got 2 girls like shooting them and even they are not from our class.

Then, when it arrive to me present, then it arrive to Q and A part the same girls shoot back at me by asking bullshit question then i shoot her back and then another guy also help the girls out. He shoot me, then he shoot me i shoot him back. He think he bully me that easily.

Then when it reach one part i ask him back are you asking me question or telling me. Then finally he and she nothing to talk the lecture take over and talk about our presentation and stuff. When that guy talk time see his face also know he is showing off. That person asking us question is purposely one but if you want to purposely i also can purposely shoot you back. So don’t mess with the wrong people. Don’t think all your question is very great.

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