Saturday, October 31, 2009

Review of this Restaurant HONG LIM TEOW CHEW SS2

This the restaurant that i have for my tea =]
Selling mix rice do not have much choice i walk up and down for 4 times to take the food
So little choice
No food better open when dinner time
It cost me so much for the food and only i take so little
WTF the soup no taste one better don’t give
I want to review about this restaurant at first the food cost damn expensive for a mixed rice. I just take rice+egg(1 pieces)+ minced meat= RM4.70
I only take so little of minced pork and egg they charge me a whopping RM4.70. I eat at other restaurant for almost a full plate only cause me RM5.00. Even the soup they give don’t even have taste better drink water also nicer. Drinking the soup is like drinking oil add with water only.
I give this shop a 0,5/5
The shop have air conditioner only one in the inside but that day i am sitting outside
1) Food are too expensive for a mixed rice shop
2) The soup is tasteless
3) When it is not lunch or dinner time it will not have much choice better close the shop can save cost
So I don’t recommend you all to go this shop because it cost a bomb.

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