Sunday, October 18, 2009

Manchester United 2 Bolton 1 WON

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1) Own Goal by Zat Knight                 1) Matt Taylor

2) Antonio Valencia

Manchester United went up to the top of table because Chelsea lose to Aston Villa 2-1 and also Arsenal lose to sunderland 1-0 but lucky last match when Manchester United was against Sunderland they draw at 2-2. Without Rooney MANU was having a hard time playing free flow like last time. Mean Rooney is a key player to MANU when Tevez and Ronaldo left the Red Devils.

Liverpool lose is because their key player is injured. Torres and Gerrard was injured during international match. The goal score by Sunderland is because been distracted by a beach ball. It been thrown by Liverpool Fan. When Reina wanted to save the ball he was distracted by looking at the red ball and Darren Bent score by hitting the red beach ball and score. The person that throw the ball into the field was disappoint because have cause distracting to the match and causes Liverpool to lose the match.

For Chelsea it have a lot of opportunity when in front of goal but all of them shoot directly to the keeper and that was why they can’t score more goal to win the match.

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