Monday, October 26, 2009

The Hottie Contest

On top is a contest that i just created
The deadline of the pole is 31October 09 by 11.59. Please vote for them! The Winner I will post about their details where you can find out about them. But if you know them already then forgot about what I say just now
1) First GIRL  is from Korea. KOREAN GIRL
2) Second GIRL she look quite familiar right? You will know her from nuffnang if you know what I mean! Malaysian GIRL
3) THIRD GIRL you would not know her. But she does look HOT! She is a taiwanese GIRL
Do vote who you like the most! It will get JUICY by the day. When the WINNER have been confirmed I will post more hot picture of them. So GOOD LUCK to 3 of them.

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