Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience

Uniquely Singapore
Step 1: Singapore- Your holiday destination

Because I always wanted to experience and learn about the culture of Singapore. I am also living somewhere that are close as Singapore culture. The best part I love to learn Singlish because it is have sentimental value and it is fun using the language because it is funny and fun to use it. Because Singapore are a small country but they can show that they are not a small country and we can experience a lot of different stuff and activities. The most I love about Singapore is their varieties of food and I love to eat that why.Now Singapore going to be a tourist attraction at the year of 2010 because love to visit the Resort World Sentosa when I have the opportunities. Singapore Rock!

Step 2: Plan an Itinerary

First I love to go the place where I can try to try varieties of food and drink.

Secondly World love to visit they theme parks and safari. Love to watch the animal.

Thirdly would love to know the Nightlife of Singapore such as Nightspots or anything that are special.

Lastly Wherever would do because importantly it is fun and enjoying to go somewhere for a change.

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