Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girl Next Door Quality

Let see of the Girl Next Door Quality Girl

-Holly Madison

Bridget Marquardt

Kendra Wilkinson

Opps put the wrong quality girl below is the actual Quality that I am talking all about, not Kendra or anything it is Vanessa the next something that i don’t know how to explain. Better you judge yourselves haha!

Look Below it will start to get better =]

Opps wrong post! This is not the girl i am talking about



Lousy camwhore even the eye cannot see  Cute!

See the face like that food right! can add topping some more!

It she as cute as the teddy bear! I wonder!

I think the teddy Bear is cuter than her! Hahha

Should Comb your hair! Make it look like the second pic on top

You see just bath also want to take picture!


For more details of the girl on top visit the link below =](nice Makeup)


1 Lovely Comment:

Anonymous said...

Who is that cute girl? Why she pose so weird lolz that is something i never everyday