Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bitter lesson for Amber as friend is ‘missing’ again

KUALA LUMPUR: Top model Amber Chia has learnt a bitter lesson — good business partnership and friendship is a volatile mix.

The 28-year-old said her contractual dispute with her friend, Yap Wen-Ji, has taught her a valuable lesson.

In tears: Chia crying during the press conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday after waiting for about an hour for Yap to turn up.

“It (the crisis) is a good learning experience for me,” said the budding entrepreneur who recently set up her own event management company called Amber Creations.

“I’m trying to stay positive. I keep telling myself that everything will be all right.”

Chia continues to wait in tears for an answer from her former partner why their planned reality show — Malaysia’s Supermodel Search Presents Ford Supermodel of the World — had gone so wrong.

Yap, the creator of the troubled reality show, had failed to show Chia the franchisee agreement with Ford Models despite repeated requests.

Chia was stood up again when Yap did a no-show at the office of lawyer Rajan Navaratnam in Sri Hartamas after promising to come yesterday with the franchisee documents. Rajan is counsel for Chia.

Yap had promised Chia, the co-executive producer of the show and the contestants that she would reveal the documents in a joint press conference with Chia yesterday.

“I knew this would happen,” said Chia, choking with emotion as she waited for close to an hour for Yap to turn up.

“I did call Wen-Ji an hour ago. She said she would come with her dad and the papers. I was hoping we could settle things today and move on with the show.”

Following Yap’s failure to turn up for the press conference, Chia, through Rajan, has e-mailed and faxed a letter to Ford Models in New York, seeking clarification on the Malaysian franchisee matter.

“We are still waiting for Ford Models to reply,” said Rajan.

The “missing” Yap is expected to hold a press conference today.

Source: The star

Feel sad for her again. Because the person that call her to host it didn’t show up at the conference. That person is trying to con people. Hope god can punish accordingly to what he done to all  the people that have join the event thinking they can win something big. On the same time wasting people time participating this event.

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Independent Queen said...

This kind of thing happens everyday in business world. There is no honesty when comes to money & fame...

kenwooi said...

hmm.. interesting..
thanks for sharing.. =)