Monday, October 19, 2009

Special Post Will be up this Week!


For this week I will post something special in my blog. It will be way interesting than all my other blog *maybe. So keep up the lookout for my special post i think. I think it will take more than half of my blog page. If i am free I will post it up A.S.A.P. But have a lot of thing to catch. For example:

- Presentation

- Assignment

- Revise some of my subject

- To collect some of my prizes

If weekdays i can’t upload it, will be on Saturday morning. For me to ready it, I need a lot of hard work to post it need a lot of effort to do it. But it will be worth it for you all.

2 Lovely Comment:

Lisa said...

lol... I love the ant & crackers

kenwooi said...

okay.. looking forward to it =)