Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daring mystery model continues to create waves as more pics surface

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More pictures of the mystery model spotted at the Super Import Nights car show have surfaced, creating an online stir.

STOMP has received a number of emails, some of which with more pictures of the model who revealed a lot more than what normal models would.

One email links to her online gallery and suggests that the model is known as 'Sunshine Tracy'.

In another email from STOMPer S I SHAH:

"I was at the Super Import Nights and saw this model.

"I can't forget her. She gave me a very sweet pose."


In yesterday's report:

This mystery model apparently appeared at a car show with two photographers in tow, and raised many eyebrows with her incredibly high hemline and revealing poses on top of an exhibit car.

STOMPer Shawn spotted this woman at the Super Import Nights car show, held from Sep 18 to 21 at the Singapore Expo.

The model, dressed in a very short dress, was making a variety of sexy poses sprawled on a car. As the cameras snapped away, she was also revealing more than what normal models did.

In the STOMPer's email dated Sep 28:

"This is the self-employed model at the Super Import Nights show.

"She came with two photographers to shoot for her.

"The uncle photographers around really appreciated her brave actions and poses."

Latest update: An Internet search reveals that she is a freelance model who does a large variety of shoots, including bridal gowns and race cars.

STOMP did not publish photos that were more explicit. We are contacting the STOMPer for more details.

If you have witnessed this incident or have more information about this model, please contact STOMP at


By looking at the picture she is really want the attention! But I don’t really know my heart says she is hot and I like this kind of girls because can have adventure in life then having your partner that are shy and scared to do something different.

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