Monday, October 5, 2009

Nissan GT-R 2010 My Future Car

Hot on the heels of reports, brought to you by British car site PistonHeads upon their visit to the Nissan's Ring-side test facility, of updates planned for the current R35-generation Nissan GT-R comes another report detailing the Japanese automaker's plans for the next-generation R36 model.
With competitors lining up to challenge the current GT-R's performance benchmark, Nissan's senior veep for global product planning, Andy Palmer, confirmed that plans are underway to succeed Godzilla with a next-generation model. The R36 will, according to the report, carry over the current model's twin-turbo V6, but with enough modifications to keep it ahead of the pack. The new GT-R is expected to hit the road by 2013 at the latest. Beyond that, Palmer didn't disclose many details, except to say that Nissan is committed to the GT-R program and won't be letting the Porsche 911 GT2 alone without a fight.

Source: AutoBlog

It said it will be release or coming in another 4 years time by that time i am working already. Hope have $$ to buy this super car. Hope My wish come True. In 4 years time means it is 2013 so time to start collecting money =]

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darkprince said...

wasai , fetch me too plz

Rezza Razo said...

kewl post bro~

Anonymous said...

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Jimmy T said...

It is a new car! So spec of the car veli hard to FIND!

Erwin Calverley said...

You've chosen a really great car, as far as performance and safety is concerned. With a stunning feature performance-wise, from acceleration to top speed to braking and handling, this car will make your ride as enjoyable, yet safe as you want it to. I hope this car will be yours soon, so continue saving up until you have enough money! :)

Erwin Calverley