Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Thief Tactic


This story I heard from my friend that are studying at KDU College PJ.

First she was waiting at the bus stop. In KDU College there are 2 bus stop one are located at the college side and other is across of the road. When she was sitting at the bus stop. A Waja car came and stop in front of her asking direction to Cheras. The car number plate is from Penang not sure it is fake or real. Didn’t wrote down the car number plate.

The Dialog:

Thief: Do you know the way to Cheras?

She: Just go straight to the highway and on the way there will be direction to Cheras

Thief: Then the thief says he just came back from outstation and do not know the direction to Cheras. Can I lend your phone to call my brother.

She: I dont have a phone! If you want you can go to the nearest coffee shop or petrol station to lend their phone.

Thief: Then the thieft say never mind

Then the Waja driver make a U-Turn to the other side of the bus stop that are located on the side of the college or the across where thief stopped just now. Then she was sitting on the other side watching the WAJA. Then normally at that college would have a bus that are from the College hostel to drop the student at the College.

Then the thief stopped one of the foreigner that just came down from the bus and she think the thief uses the same tactic at her because she was sitting at the other side. Then the foreigner give the phone to the thief in the car, for about 10 seconds the thief speed off with the phone of the victim.

Then the foreigner student stop a Taxi to try to stop the thief but the taxi too slow to react and let the thief get away.

Moral of the Story:

  • Do not simply lend thing to the strangers
  • They will use different tactic next time
  • Be smart to handle scam or anything related
  • They will target youngster because more easy to bluff and youngster are more helpful
  • Maybe the thief have been looking at you for a long time already
  • Do look around to see that, there are suspicious people or not

Helpful Details:

If he go to every college and did the same thing he will have a lot of hand phone already.

  • Thief Will find new tactic to rob or scam us. So be ready before it happen to you.
  • Thief will target people that are easy to target.
  • Do not show off too much and do not simply swing your valuable thing around.
  • Go out in group so that thief would not easily target us
  • Robber will not rob alone they will be an another person waiting around the corner or somewhere close
  • Do not fight back because they may bring weapon
  • If walking alone, should look the surrounding for any suspicious people.

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kenwooi said...

wow.. now that's smart..
but your friend is smart! =)