Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Project Alpha

Love all about blogging. We can share what we want and it is not wrong because it is our personal space and not theirs. By watching Project Alpha have motivated me to update my blog as much as possible. By watching some of the video we can get a lot of tips to improve my BLOG. I think without blogger and blog site the world will be dull like the Roti Canai dull.

For more details about the blogger that I admire for the past weeks it is

Why I love about this 3 blogger is because they are good women blogger. Also why I choose 3 of them because from the first week until now it is only three of them. But no matter other blogger that are still not yet featured, i will be happy to watch all the video that are posted at Project Alpha. By watching that video, motivate myself to be more like them and making people happy.

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