Saturday, October 3, 2009

Miss World Malaysia Winner

I didn’t watch the show but only more or less saw some of the picture of the contestant. But the one I like didn’t win. I found this news from a forum the people keep fighting because saying the first runner up should win because she have a bigger Bxxbs. But from my point of view she is quite beautiful as always. Even they say the judge are blind for choosing the winner.

Winner = Thanuja

user posted image

1st Runner Up = Stephanie Chua( People say she have big Bxxbs then she should win, what are they thinking –_-)

user posted image

2nd Runner Up = Christy Yeoh

user posted image

The other person that I think have ability to win is

Laura Yong( She is beautiful =])

2 Lovely Comment:

Kennee said...

one of them is my friend...

Iriene said...

Laura Yong has actress look. I like her look!
To me, all of them are winnders. I believed with
this competition, they has set their name in entertainment industry. They can always join any emcee, host or some acting career. All the best to them! Click Nuff ads for you edi :)
Do drop by when u r online, have a great weekend!