Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 Good Reason to Marry after 30


1) Birth Control


Why do we need marriage or even commitment?

if we can all get busy without baby repercussions?

As a male 28-year-old in A Little Bit Married said: 'If I had to be married to have sex, I would probably be married, as would every guy I know.


2) The World “Adult”


When we are an adult we should not be chain or stuck in house and enjoy as much as possible before everything is impossible.

When we are in adulthood we are more free and we can do whatever we can before we have kids and a wife to take care.


3) A Great Career


Job is important is because health and needs are important and standard of living is getting higher and higher and not getting lower and lower.

For men in particular, this new order of events is causing an interference with mating—research has consistently shown that whether and when a man marries is closely tied to the adequacy and stability of his earnings.

4) Meaning of Divorce


Divorce culture by the Baby Bommers is one of the main population contributing to divorce. With people have experience before such as custody battle.

Gen Ys are resolute about not repeating the mistakes their parents made. 

5) A Great Partner


Something a soul mate can kill us because a good partnership before it start to develop it will cause uneasiness with each other.

People are looking at someone that can be with each,take care and etc etc. Nowadays mostly young people do not have that kind of standard. People want a partner that even we see them everyday, feel excited like the old days or at the first time we met each other.


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