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Paranormal Activity Movie Review! Paranormal Activity 2 Preview of the Sequel



After a young, middle class couple moves into a suburban 'starter' tract house, they become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be somehow demonic but is certainly most active in the middle of the night. Especially when they sleep


At the start of the Movie it is boring as hell and the camera and video they are taking it is an eye sore watching it. When you start to watch more into the movie you will feel about the happening and will make you think it is real or fake about the story make people think. The story of the movie is quite ok and most of the time are videotaping in the bedroom.

In the movie there are about 4 character 1 and 2 is the actor that are staying in the house. 3rd Is that lady friend and 4th is the doctor to help remove the ghost away. But when the most bloody and scary part it is not on tape but the sound. The movie was release at 2007 but in Malaysia is at 2010 3 years later –_- and then I have watch the movie before only at the ending it is quite different.

But when I checking around it have 2 type of ending. 1 is Micah have been thrown into the Camera and eaten alive by Katie(Her Girlfriend). The other ending is Katie sitting at the corridor moving up and down after killing Micah(Boyfriend) for days and her friend call her but nobody pick it up and she enter her house and discover Micah body and called the police. When the police arrive, and make some noise Katie came out from the possessed form form and called Micah name and holding a knife and her hand. When the police call her to drop the knife she didn’t and the police shoot her.

Even the Revenue of the Movie are so profitable. The movie cost only 15,000 to make and they make more than 100 million. Surely the actor and director of the movie will be famous.


This is Katie Featherston plays as Katie


Micah Sloat plays as Micah


and so on…..


2.5/5 Quite Fair type of Movie. Don’t put high expectation on the Movie =]


I would Recommend this movie to people that just want to watch something for the fun of it and also if you scared easily you should watch this movie and don’t put high expectation on it.

Would not recommend to people that love hardcore type of thing and also love High Definition Videos.

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For Paranormal Activity 2 Sequel


For the sequel there are no much information popping out but there a few hint here and there about the movie would be like!

Micah Sloat: I can't say anything specific about it, but I can definitely tell you that Paramount and the producers are very aware of what happened with Blair Witch 2, and how you can't really take something that's unique like Blair Witch or Paranormal and then follow it up with just a typical, Hollywood horror film. It just doesn't work. I think you can expect Paranormal Activity 2 to be just as unique, or at least have a quality of uniqueness, just like the original did, in its own way and I think it's really going to be a great movie.

Sloat also wouldn't say when they were planning to get into production with a sequel, and it seems lie they're keeping everything rather tight-lipped about this sequel. Be sure to keep it right here as we'll keep you posted with any and all Paranormal Activity 2 news as soon as we have more information.

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