Saturday, January 2, 2010

Want Your Picture to Appear at Time Square Big Screen


Heard from news that Times Square New York over a few days period of time. You can put your picture on Times Square big screen to make you famous. Even better you can set time or date when to put it up.


Kodak is having this promotion to put up your picture on the big screen for 10 seconds no less no more. Just 4 easy step to do it. For more details to put up your picture on Times Square Link. You need to submit your picture to and it will be approved within 24 hours.

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When your photo do not have naked picture and been approved you will receive a code to let you to SMS  to a specific number and your picture will pop out in the big screen when the slot is empty and your caption will also pop out on the same time.


It is fun? Can promote your blog at Times Square or maybe you are hot can put your Hand phone Number too. What you waiting for let your thumb moving! =]

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