Sunday, January 3, 2010

The best Ways to Avoid Sexual Boredom

1- Switch tempo

Speed is huge when it comes to sex, so if you know not only how to slow down and speed up, but when to do so, you'll be making your girl orgasm at will.
Try starting off slow when it comes to penetration, then easing your way in. Then, as her breathing becomes heavier, begin to pick up speed, eventually penetrating her deeply and more quickly. Then, ask her what she wants you to do. Whatever she demands, go at that tempo for a little while, but then change tempos again.
It's up to you to determine what tempo your girl prefers and to constantly surprise her with varying rhythm and velocity.


2- Change foreplay

Too many couples start their sex play the same way -- all the time. You both lie in bed, you go down on her, she goes down on you, then you have sex. It's time to add some elements of surprise to the mix.
Foreplay can involve anything from sexual conversation to dancing. You can kiss her mouth or run your tongue up her back. There are no rules. There is no surefire system when it comes to exciting your partner. Try different things in your sexual approach.


3- Alter the ambiance

Don't be afraid to have sex in different locations. If you and she don't enjoy having sex outdoors or in strange locations, at least opt to have sex in different rooms of your home. The dining room table is good for eating anything.
Lighting can also add a little something to the sex. From candles to red lights, colors can enhance your appearance and may even be conducive to living out some fantasies.
Finally, music is a great add-on when it comes to sex. Although some people prefer silence -- and that's fine -- adding music to the experience on occasion will alter perception. Seduce her senses, dude.

4- Talk about sex

The best way to avoid sexual boredom is by tackling the subject of sex with your woman. You may discover that she fantasizes about kissing other women, watching porn or even trying sexual things you were sure she'd never be into.
Talking about sex can be your greatest ally for sexual ideas.


5- Incorporate props

While music, lighting and different locations can add a different spin to sex, using sex toys can also help ease her orgasm and allow you to explore each other's bodies in different ways.
From tethers to vibrators, take your girl shopping online or even at a sex shop and, starting small, begin using such props on each other.


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