Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anti Theft Stuff to Let People Leave you Alone

1) Fake CCTV Camera


This is Good to Frightened the robber for your home than your office. It is good is because are cheaper and would scare robber away whenever they plan to rob your home.

2) Fake Fungus on Bread

anti-theft-sandwich-bags anti-theft-sandwich-bags-2

This is Good whenever you go to school that your friend or bully like to steal your lunch. When they look at the wrap bread would make them feel disgusting because fungus are growing on the bread. Ewwwww

3) Old school Case for Iphone

walkman-cassette-tape-ipod-case-2 walkman-cassette-tape-ipod-case

With the Funny Old Case people would not want to steal an old stuff. Putting an IPOD inside would make you a lot poorer and robber would not want to steal an 80’s looking player.


4) Cassette on DVD Player

fake-car-stereo-diy-2 fake-car-stereo-diy

Nowadays there are a lot of robber stealing Stereo player from cars but with a cassette sticking on the CD player the robber would think twice breaking into your car.


5) Anti Theft for locking Bicycle Wheel


By looking on top it is design to prevent thief stealing it. The Devices work like this when you lock it, it will be look like on top where the wheel are not round. But When you unlock it, it will be back like normal wheel in circle.


6) Anti Theft Sticker for your Car


If your car that you buy are easy to break into and on the same time it is a new car. Don’t worry by sticking this sticker at your car, your car will look like someone draw something in your car with a hard object.



7) Anti Theft for your Camera,DSLR,SLR


When you go travelling and stuff you will worry that your camera will be stolen or snatch away from you. But don’t worry with your camera look like rubbish or old nobody even want to take it.


8) Funny Gooyeee Cup


Normally you hate when people use your cup whenever you are not around. Don’t worry when you have this cup there will be no problem anymore. As you can see on top at the side there are one funny circle and 3 small hole it is for the keychain as you can see on the left side in black in color. When you are not around you can unplug from the cup so that whenever people use it, water will go through from the whole.

Interesting right =]


9) Useful USB Flash Drive


This USB is good is because it have fingerprint recognition only can unlock it. So without your fingerprint it is impossible to unlock it. Expect someone cut your finger off and use your finger to scan it.


So special about this IRONKEY USB are added encryption in it and epoxy based compound. Safe about this product is it if you interested 10 wrong password and damaged it will self destructed, not the USB the data in it.

10) Disgusting Looking Underwear


Looking at the underwear, you can see poop in it. It is design to have it there. There are a small pocket to hid your stuff in it. By putting in briefcase or anything related would make people would not dig any dipper.


11) Interesting Newspaper and Envelope for Laptop Case

postal-envelope-laptop-sleeve newspaper-laptop-sleeve

For this case it would make people thinking you are carrying a newspaper or a envelope to prevent people from snatching your laptop from your hand. It will not look obvious when you walking around holding newspaper and stuff.


12) Tesla Coil as your Car Alarm

tesla-coils-car-burglar-alarm-2 tesla-coils-car-burglar-alarm

This funny looking electric circle stuff it is good whenever people get near it, it will trigger the sensor and the funny looking tesla coil would attract attention from people nearby and locking the thief within the circle.


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