Monday, January 4, 2010

Women have 38KKK breast and still want More

sheyla-hershey 12
Her name is Sheyla Hershey from Houston and also have the largest breast implant in the world and measuring whooping 38KKK according to FOX News. She is only 28 years old. She have done about 9 times of breast enhancement surgeries.
9 sheyla-hershey-34FFF
When her breast size is 34FFF she wanted even bigger but American doctor refuse to do for her. Then she want Brazil to enlarge to 38KKK because Brazil do not have limit how big is your implants.
cosmetic-breast-surgery breast-surgery
Then Sheyla dumped her boyfriend away because of begging her to stop to get another surgery for her breast but she told her boyfriend that it is her dream to do that.
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From my point of view how big it is, is no use because people love you from your heart but have other story too people love your money. Even your breast is like airport,apple,rambutan,char Keow Teow,Mee Goreng,Nasi Lemak,egg or anything related your future boyfriend should love what you are not looking how big is your bank flow and how gigantic it is.
Even your breast is so BIG they have more bad than good. The Good Part can attract guys but the sad part will cause back pain and many more.
vanessa-hudgens-birthday-car-1214-1 EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Hudgens Driving In Los Angeles
Yaya you all will say that nowadays people are different. I agree surely we find someone that have quite a good looking asset and at least got $$ to support both each other. When you look at this person is ugly but other people that meet their expectation and taste surely it will make that person beautiful.
With all the blah blah blah and stuff will show you proof of how big is the B-R-E-A-S-T

1438977108_5a5201d3ff (1)
Just Giving Example this Girl Look Hot right?

Wow she want Even More from 38FFF to 38 KKK to 38 MMM! OMG

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