Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Future of Time Card Recorder When you are Working


In the future you can’t call other people to punch your card anymore is because it have Fingerprint reader on it. So now you can’t runaway. Always should be in time Muahahhahaha


This how it works:

- It will only print the time when the owner of the card confirm the fingerprint is theirs.


It just look like an ordinary Card Recorder? With Fingerprint verification!


This is device is what everything you need no need to buy any type of software and stuff to use it. Even a Pro can’t hack into the device. You don’t believe you can try it out yourself.


- It can fit 150 fingerprint and 3 fingerprint max for a person.

- It cost about $131.11

It does make the people come to work more earlier and queue at the machine then getting a red color for them.

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1 Lovely Comment:

Supia Chao said...

This is a good invention to avoid people punching other people card.