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All About the Future Trend for Hewlett Packard(HP)

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Future of Thin & Light

HP Thin


Now it is already 2010 people like a thinner,fast, and reliable laptop. Because nowadays people bring their laptop whenever they go because nowadays the laptop size are getting smaller and smaller until my hand can’t fit into the keyboard. But that is a good thing. But the important is the lighter it is the better and the size should not be to big or too small.


If the size our the laptop is too big and heavy that what make people hate about it. Because people want to carry laptop everywhere but it is too heavy it is like carrying a stone whenever we go. If it is too light it is not good too. For example we are sitting on a uneven surface by putting our laptop on the bed if the screen is heavy an the base is light it would fall to one side.

# Future

In another few years time Thin and Light are going to takeover all the heavy laptop is because people like to carry light stuff then carrying a 10 ton of rice everywhere we go.

# Opinion

- Will in the future the laptop will be as thin as a paper?

- Why Thin and Lighter laptop have more advantage than disadvantage?

- How Long will our GOAL to reach to thin and lighter?

Future of Music



Nowadays more and more people love to hear song no matter where are you, you will surely enjoy it. Having a good program to use in a computer that can put our song in order and everything that are related so that do not need much time digging around to just to find a song. Who hate to listen to song? Nobody Song is the soul that make our life more interesting.


When a music player play a big of number it will take a longer time to load. But sometimes we play our song in shuffle it will repeat back once or twice that what piss me off hearing a same song again and again.

# Future

In the future i see that they should create a program that we can download song easily unlimited but at a price. Other than that they should create a program to play song at the same tone like 1 song is loud and the other is soft they should make it even so that nobody get frightened when the song pop out.

# Opinion

- Is downloading unlimited at price is good or bad?

- Will the music industry be a flop if people downloading song at a price then buying their song on the CD store?

Future of Touch



With a touch screen it is more convenient and faster to move around. On the same time it is smaller in size and lighter without a keyboard.


It will be tiring to move your finger up,down,right,left because it uses more energy to move our hand than a cute little mouse. It will be quite hard to change from a keyboard to a touch screen that fast.

# Future

There will be more touch screen than keyboard because touch screen are the trend and it is more easier to move around on a screen. Maybe in the future they will be eye sensor just using our eye to move around.

# Opinion

- It is convenient to change to a touch?

- Will it be  tiring to move our arm everywhere at the screen?

Future of Fashion



Love to customize our own skin for my own laptop so that it can fit my style. It is now the trend when people put their own skin than using a dull design.


Hate when buying a laptop that we can’t change the skin as we like. Sometimes having a special skin it will shoot up the price of the laptop.

# Future

I think in the future  the whole laptop at the outside should be make like a LCD screen so that people can customize picture on the laptop than buying something and sticking on the laptop. If you don’t understand what i trying to say, I mean by outside laptop should be like a LCD screen and can customize as we like.

# Opinion

- How long can a fashion last?

- It is important to follow the fashion trend?

- It is important to have our own type of skin for our laptop?

- Should the skin be in 2D or 3D?

Future of Personalization



Love it where we can personalize everything in our laptop such as what to pop out,where to put and so on. Having something following our own style it would make us more convenient to find stuff.


Hate it when we buy our own or make laptop or desktop it will not have a special program that normally in DELL or HP have for example a program that keep everything like song or movie we keep all over the the hard disk but this program would put all the thing into a page only so that we no need to dig something just to find something.

# Future

Having a program that can read people personalization would be good so that people would love to have more time doing stuff then going online to find solution.

# Opinion

- Are they good enough for people expectation?

- Is there a risk or not?

- If the computer save our password and details it is save?

- Having this programmed are they cheap?

- Should big company like Intel share their program with other than people buying Intel stuff?

Future of Social Media



As you know without Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social media in the planet world. When people open their computer first thing they do is visit facebook,twitter,blog. Having a social network with people is good because we can keep contact with each other.


But sometimes it can get carry away. People can hack or steal details through your social media and we can’t do nothing about it. Is because the website is own by the Publisher

# Future

Because More and More people using social media and it is quite dangerous too because people steal our personnel details to use against us. Should have program that can block,private thing that we do not want to share or be hack. Other than that they should have program that can collect update without us visiting the website so that it is more convenient and the risk or lower that your account been hack.

# Opinion

- Will there be risk using Social Media?

- What type of solution so that it will not happen?


Future of Design

img_4543_tx1000_09_450x360 636906_0566_625x625


A computer that have feature like touch screen,twistable screen, it make the computer look special and extraordinary by having a special design on the same laptop have make the world change.


Sometimes designer trying to hard to change but fail for example making a keyboard that are too small that make very hard to move around.

# Future

In the future people would love the design that a screen that are big and a small keyobard after using it, we can flip the laptop into a small square so that it can be keep easily. Other than that I think they should make a laptop that can swim with me so that i can tweet and facebook on the same time. Fun Right?

# Opinion

- Is Designing a laptop important?

- What should we look at than only how we design it?

- Does the design can determine the quality of the laptop?

- Having a new design will it have a lot of problem because it is something new in the market? 

- Waterproof laptop it is good? can tweet on twitter by saying I Tweeting in the water


Future of Environment



Having  a computer that are design by using recycle waste and so on. Would make people attract about the device is because it is something environment friendly and it is something new and would attract people to that device. It is to Save Mother Nature.


Most of the laptop they make are using to attract customer to make more money but do not think more about the environment.

# Future

In the future they should use minimal item that can destroy the environment and maximize using recycle stuff like the HP mini by Studio Tord Boontje but that is not good enough should use even inside of the computer

# Opinion

- What is call only it is saving environment for a devices?

- If a laptop is environment friendly can it effect the computer performance?

- Will people accept environment friendly computer?

- Will it be smelly using recycle stuff? <<<< Joking Question


Future of Entertainment



For Nowadays I love to watch movie or playing game on a big screen and also in HD(High Definition) Because the quality are damn shocking in a good way. By that no need to go cinema already and watch everything at home.


Sometimes watching something BIG it will use a lot of electricity a lot. Sometimes screen can destroy our eye when watching it too long. A Screen that can’t stand very long from lighting. Happen to me before =[

# Future

In the future more and more people would be watching movie at home because we can buy a surround sound system and in few years time people can watch at home in 3-D it will be surely amazing. Everything will be so REAL until we remove the 3D spectacle.

# Opinion

- Computer that in 3D will it cost a bomb?

- Having a 3D LCD screen and device does it uses a lot of electricity?

- Watch Avatar in 3D and you will know what I am talking about!


Other future that in my mind have

- I think they should have a water,sand,drop resistance laptop is because laptop are getting smaller everyday. Surely it will slip of from our hand.

- Lastly have a computer that animal can play with for example like cat or dog. If you don’t know what I am talking about just view below!


Below is the video!

Beautiful Boundless Simplified A Journey Green A Game Yours PErsonel Experience A Cloud Human Open

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