Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apple Pad Pad Compare with a 40,000 BC stone

Do you think Apple Ipad is as useful as a 40,000 BC Stone?


By seeing the comparison on top it look like Ipad don’t have much different with 40,000 BC Stone

the different is only touch screen and multi task between both of this device! But by using our brain to think an Ipad with a normal mini laptop it is better to have a laptop that have Camera, USB and etc etc. For now it is a new product it will not have much good feature just basic. But maybe time come it will surprise us.

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Supia Chao said...

soon you will see Ipad the upgraded version. Apple work fast on the critics.

Jimmy T said...

Yup they can make critic wrong just like iphone

Anonymous said...

Thanks respecting sharing. Like on all occasions, on the in money and right on target!

Anonymous said...

i dont see the point

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ The point is that Ipad do not have much features

Anonymous said...

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