Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jessica Simpson Fart During Business Meeting


During a meeting Jessica Decided to release some Air from a butt and the people in the room heard it. Maybe she want to make the meeting get going or something.One of the people say that when the executive was talking and heard a interesting loud fart from Jessica Simpson direction. 


Then her mother tell yell at Jessica Simpson by saying “‘Jessica!’ The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say.”


During the MTV days when she was in Newlyweds when she farted in the room and say to her husband Nick Lachey  “ You Love my Stink Ass” In a Radio Interview is also said before that she like to “fart under the sheets” and for any guy to married should love the way she fart!

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Jessica Simpson is a HOT Women! But farting……

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2 Lovely Comment:

ceebee said...

So the heck what that she farted. Farting is a normal function of life. I can't understand for the life of me as to why people demonize normal body functions.

As for her mother, her mother seriously needs to lighten up. If the businessmen/manufacturer doesn't want to manufacture Jessica's pants designs just because she farted, well then obviously they all have some mental/psychological issues that they need to deal with.

There are more important things that should be criticized instead of demonizing a normal function. No wonder why society in this day and age is totally screwed up.

Jimmy T said...

Maybe just inappropriate doing it when it is formal!