Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unhelpful Attitude by Victoria Station Medan Damansara


The Story Start Like This:

We Went to Victoria Station for our Lunch and it cost about RM100.00++ Quite expensive. After that we ask for a MENU for our research for our school. By asking the supervisor with a letter he say he will ask his manager. When he arrive back saying we can’t lend us the menu if we want we can ask the Headquarters at Victoria Station Medan Damansara 11-19, Jalan Setiapuspa, 50490, K.L.

Then We ask for the address and telephone numbers of the HQ. The supervisor was very corporative and understanding. Then by that we drive to the HQ at Medan Damansara. On the way I call the numbers they give was 03-2538833 bycalling that and seeing it short by 1 digit. Obviously calling that the number is invalid.

 28012010(001) 28012010(002)

So We Arrive ! Ask for the person in charge then i tell him everything then he say talk to this one more guy so I explain AGAIN what I say to the first guy. Then by saying this and that his face impression change a little bit. After keep talking to nowhere that i see he can’t reply what I say. So I show him the Telephone number that PJ outlet given to me I ask him:

Why the number short 1 Digit and why I call invalid.


This is the number they Given. So I ask the HQ Manager why I call the number can’t get. He Keep quiet for a while and say it is our restaurant telephone. I say why i call it but invalid. Damn Stupid number short 1 digit say can call.


See the 1 also the 9 Digit! If people want to complain surely can’t reach them.

Just asking for them to lend a MENU for my research they don’t give, some more show me SHIT Face and also ask 1 easy question why the number short 1 digit he say this is correct our restaurant number. Easy Question also cannot answer. I think he should get a better training next time to improve his knowledge what is 9 digit number to call!

Not sure who is that arrogant guy i think his name is “RAJ Kumar” someone told me.


If even a small thing they can’t handle and show a arrogant FACE! Better I go to San Francisco or The Ship

outside-of-the-ship-restaurant <A HREF=""></a>

Because I choose Victoria Station very long haven’t visit this restaurant trying to do assignment for them and promote at our class on the same time doing our project. By this experience i better go to The Ship because their service,food and a lot good review about them. So I better choose something that I am familiar with then going to a restaurant that are not really welcoming Us

7 Lovely Comment:

Nikel Khor said...

wat happen tis time?

from Nikel Khor

Jimmy T said...

Their lousy attitude make my friend and 1 angry that all =]

QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

wow.... that not too good

Shah said...

hey jimmy,
i recomend u go to La Carretas
they got nice food and servises there

Jimmy T said...

thanks shah! Will think going day next time =]

Princess Jennifer said...

But do you know that The Ship and Victoria Station are under one same company?
They do share a same company together with Windmill too.

And San Francisco is under Tai Thong group.
No fuss and don't angry anyway

Jimmy T said...

Princess Jennifer@ Just waiting for Victoria Station to close DOWN! They just under the same company buy manage differently!