Monday, January 11, 2010

Malaysia Church Attack is Getting Out of Control

For the Church Attack it is the 8th church to be attack. It is starting to get out of control. But it will not stop there it will still continue until someone stop the speculation and the mastermind behind this.


The  recent attack was at Negeri Sembilan at The Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) church at Lake View Square. Among the 8 churches and 1 school was not given sympathy in it too.


Most of the attack are using petrol and fire to burn the churches. To be more specific it is called Molotov Cocktail. Only 1 are fully burned but others are only minor burn on the wall and paint were splash at the building.


Recently Attack:

- 4 Churches have been attack at Klang Valley!

- Malacca Church was splash with black paint

- A convent school in Taiping attempt to throw Molotov Cocktail

- Stone was throw at a Church in Miri

- Church at located at Seremban


(Picture Taken from Alpha Ace)

It will not stop until someone accept and forgive and sacrifice! If this continue on sooner or later it will be a WAR and it will be no more 1Malaysia on a making. Police have reported to investigate people that post about making petrol bomb at facebook posting. Heard that Police said that it will increase their patrol at churches and mosque but the attack are not stopping.

Will there any peace if it continue?

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Qian said...

Hope the church bombing attack will end soon.=(

a1l1n said...

shame on them as the followers, as well shame on me as a Malaysian..those are the types of ppl who trigger another 513-like event == God bless the pathetic Malaysia

Muhammad Ariff said...

this is not the real islam.
this is just a some of guy who doesnt think wisely before do something. we were sorry about this.

sorry for my bad english. :)

Aleeya said...

I agreed with Chong May Ling.
It was ashamed among the muslims of what they've just done.
That's not the way on how to defend our religion. Islam never thought us that.

Jimmy T said...

Qian@ Hope So!

a1I1n@ If they continue there will surely be WAR! But lucky Christian are well educated and respect others

Ariff@ Mostly it is from people that just want to find problem and disturb the peace of Malaysia.

Aleeya@ Yup all the Malay friend that I know are GOOD not until destroying and disturbing the peace of the country.

Anonymous said...

i got 1 thing 2 say cant 'cant we all just get along or else wats the point of naming Malaysia 1 Malaysia