Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girl new Panty Undies are Getting High Tech


It is a New Year and New Thing will be popping out anytime soon. For now the latest is for girl undies.


At the early of February panty makers from over the world would be having 20,000 special lingerie that will be in Paris lingerie show.


A Dutch Company on the same time will be introducing a new anti-wrinkle bra that will iron any weird cleavage during the night. Also a company says that they will be introducing a bra that the foam cups will expand when your body heat increase when you flirt or during exercise.

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Sophie Morin Fair Manager says that in the 2010 it will be growing high tech underwear such as ultra sound to cut or construct any type of garments by using laser technology without any stitches that can be look obvious on clothes. 

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