Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funny Toilet Sign! That Why Toilet is so FUN to enjoy!

funny_toilet_signs_01 funny_toilet_signs_02 funny_toilet_signs_03 funny_toilet_signs_04 funny_toilet_signs_05 funny_toilet_signs_06 funny_toilet_signs_07 funny_toilet_signs_08 funny_toilet_signs_09 funny_toilet_signs_10 funny_toilet_signs_11 funny_toilet_signs_12 funny_toilet_signs_13 funny_toilet_signs_14 funny_toilet_signs_15 funny_toilet_signs_16 funny_toilet_signs_17 funny_toilet_signs_18 funny_toilet_signs_19 funny_toilet_signs_20 funny_toilet_signs_21 funny_toilet_signs_22 funny_toilet_signs_23 funny_toilet_signs_24 funny_toilet_signs_25

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4 Lovely Comment:

::aMaD:: said...

hahahahaha.what the..!!
so funny LOL!
i can't understand why the create such signs!!hahaha

misaMisaN said...

haha.. good one..

♥ HL ♥ said...

this is really funny!!! lol

Jimmy T said...

Thanks all! =]