Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unfair Decision by the Organizer of Samsung Corby

Date : 16 January 2010 (Sat)
Time : 9.30am till 3.00pm
Venue : Sunway Lagoon, Extreme Park

For this Event the 1st and 2nd can win a Samsung Corby each  and 2,500 for the second place.
There are for 4 activities and the last activites is the decider who will be the winner. As you know Samsung is the main sponsor and also sponsor under nuffnang.
What unfair decision i tell you will be the paintball competition!
Before I start I would explain the regulation.
- There are 2 group in each color.
- During the match you cannot take your mask out, if yes the whole team are disqualified.
- When you hit by the paintball you should go back and touch the wall and continue to shoot again.
During the Final match: Orange Vs Yellow
The Orange team collect the flag and was shoot many times by the yellow team but the orange team guy just collect the flag and run to the back. He have been shot but he just continue like nobody business.
Not only once they did this! But in the final match it is F disgrace and unfair. Also during the match they remove the mask and even the looker in there scold them why he remove the mask.

After the match END the yellow team complain to the marshal(The referee)  and he say that ya they did that and the marshal have 7 year experience in it said by himself. At last when everything end the marshal say that they will tell the organizer about it and tell the result after we have our lunch.
After organizing that the winner is the cheater Orange and second place go to the yellow TEAM.

If the organizer accept they cheated there will be a tie-breaker and that why the SAMSUNG ORGANIZER do not want to accept it. If it is fair we lose nevermind but it is cheating and giving the prize to a person that are cheating that what make our team piss off.

Before I END I WILL SAY “ WTF what a dumb decision if want to organize a event be fair and square. Coming to event to enjoy but with this dumb thing make the event a lousy I ever went to.

The Phone Cost 699 vs each person getting RM100

If the Marshall did not see them got shot but they remove their mask so it so obvious disqualify.
What make me piss off is I skip my class for this event that make me angry out of it. I better go to my class than going somewhere that are useless.



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Alpha Ace said...

mahai~ that cibai orange must got some balls licking relatives tie with that mahai Samsung.

that was totally politicking, then why they wanted to organize such event in the 1st place? This is not to promote Samsung's good name but to defame itself.

geeee.. I had pulled down my post on Samsung d ... gonna share about this shit to others as well ya~

KwOnG FeI said...

oh man... cool~~
perhaps this is the first of its kind event organised by Nuffnang..
so, things may be a bit messy..
anyway, you got urself enjoy the game right.. just ignore to those breaking the rule.
i know its a hard feeling when you do something with passion but it is not rewarded with a good manner just because there is no ppl to overlook all the problems.
cheers bro!~~

Jimmy T said...

Thanks guys for the support! But for now I am still got the piss off thing in me! Maybe need 2 or 3 days to calm down.

Catherine @ Soo Khoon said...

I missed the event! :(

Alpha Ace said...

luckily i missed the event ...if not I would blog SHIT about it ..more nasty that you can imagine kakaka~
i love 'bao dai wok'

that day I was sake lahhhh...
wei bro, by d way ahh ..any outsider there who are not invited by the organizer???

Kellaw said...

wait for my next post.

Jimmy T said...

Will be Waiting! ASAP!If it is FAIR then it is ok ! But it is UNFAIR!

cr3ap said...

Don't be angry anymore. Life is always unfair. There are no fair game in this world. The one who is with the power always win. Who knows, the cheater might have some relationship with the organizer. Never know the truth beneath. Just bear with it and forget about it. At least you got 2nd.

Regards from cr3ap

Jimmy T said...

Cr3ap@ Don't really need that phone! Just want to set something straight that all!

Jimmy T said...

Alpha@ There are no outsider! All the invitation are given to nuffnang and Samsung Fan Club!

mr duck said...

dude don think too much bout it. at least we won sth from the competition. spending d money will make u feel d happiness once again. lol

Alpha Ace said...

ya ... am Nuffnanger too but do not have d invitation,can attend boh???

if in future got something like this again so can i join boh? ;P

Victor Tan said...

lol...event went bad. I think my friend who joined the game was in the Yellow team. Heard that she lost as well.

Read this post of mine as well. Life is really unfair, most probably because of how people handle situations.

Jimmy T said...

mr duck@ Just giving them a strong message! Don't simple do as you like!

Alpha@ You can! But need to do a post first

Victor Tan@ They Gonna Pay for it!

atreyu strange said...

Izzit okay to say that I expected the orange team would win even before the game started? Haha. Something is not right there. I hate it when my instinct is effing true!

Jimmy T said...

Yup! Hope they Know How we feel! The phone and money is not important at least we have FUN but because of the dumb decision make us piss off at the end of the day

Simon Seow said...

What? 25 ppl to a team? I thought only 5 ppl per team only. RM 2.5 k. Well, the phone isn't that nice either lol. Hope your complain will be heard.

Jimmy T said...

Simon@ I just want to let people know only =] If i tell them straight also they can't do anything. I am just facing the reality! Reality is GOOD!

JeM said...

It is matter of principle and sportsmanship while playing sports.


wow..2nd not bad :D

Alpha Ace said...

@ Coerlly

=.=" haiz...only 2 team mah..
2nd place not bad ah? ya if they were blameless in their acts.

Jimmy T said...

But nevermind we WIN or Lose at least we have FUN! =]

Daphne Le Lyra said...

damn..they are soo unfair plus they gt brain or nt..they d 1 who make d decision n cheat unfair 1..then u agn skip ur class...haha..really waste of time seeing them there cuz in d end tat its really spoiled our mood with d unfair situation..