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5th annual Miss International Queen pageant 2009 at Pattaya

The 5th annual Miss International Queen pageant are held at the city of Pattaya, Thailand. Obviously the pageant is for the Transsexual on the same time to boost awareness about  Transsexual and it is a Miss World Contest.

The Participant is:

anna marie filipino

Miss Philippines - Anna Marie

singapore camilia dzelma

Miss Singapore - Camilia Dzelma

philippines gamby lim garcia

Miss Philippines - Gamby Lim Garcia

yuki saejima

Miss Japan - Yuki Saejima

fideroa filipino

Miss Philippines - Maria Fideroa

filipino godiva marie arcachie

Miss Philippines - Godiva Marie Arcachie

 uk asunta mae

Miss UK - Asunta Mae

haruna ai japan

Miss Japan - Haruna Ai

 china maggie gao

Miss China - Maggie Gao

 beni tukisima japan

Miss Japan - Beni Tukisima

thai kangsadal wongdusadeekul

Miss Thailand - Kangsadal Wongdusadeekul

 japan ayaka ootori

Miss Japan - Ayaka Ootori

roxanne fonseca msia

Miss Malaysia - Roxanne Fonseca

nepal sandhya lama

Miss Nepal - Sandhya Lama

spain natasha dumont

Miss Spain - Natasha Dumont

mariluchy delgado venezuela

Miss Venezuela - Mariluchy Delgado

purtorico naysha lopez

Miss Puerto Rico - Naysha Lopez

brazil daniela marques

Miss Brazil - Daniela Marques

usa sunny dee lite

Miss USA - Sunny Dee-Lite

Can you Guess Who Will be the Winner?






The Winner is

haruna ai japan

Miss Japan - Haruna Ai

She was crowned as world's most beautiful transsexual at a pageant in Thailand. Haruna Ai age is 37 she look young for that age but I know is plastic surgery and stuff. She beat 20 other contestant at the Miss International Queen 2009 that got other contestant that came as far from United State or Brazil for participating

Japan Haruna Ai won 10,000 dollar a year's stay at a Pattaya hotel and a 500-dollar surgical voucher. Picked her over runners-up Karngsadal Wongdusadeekul from Thailand and Daniela Marques of Brazil

Most of the contestant have a bad history of discrimination. Maggie from China says that she won Miss World Shenzhen, a women's beauty pageant in the southern Chinese city but then her title was taken away because she was a man.Camilla Dzelma, 22, from Singapore that her Muslim parents accepted what she want and call her to join more transgender beauty pageants.

Thai contestant Sorawee Nattee won the domestic version of the pageant in May said that she been chosen to military service despite having had a sex-change but when she arrive looking like a women with boobs and stuff they told her to go away.

Below is some of the picture from the EVENT!

 winner ALeqM5hD1zalj_H6FiYWR4DL4eeY1lRU6Aibw940  ALeqM5hYpxpFY48IVM6yyBlGhKjtxV52GQ

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