Saturday, January 2, 2010

Want to get Hypnotized by Facebook


Facebook and Twitter have massive or million of user will laugh that can be hypnotized on facebook like a joke. In real life hypnotherapist Chris Hughes have an idea of bringing hypnotism to the internet in a real way not the fake way.


If you want to experience hypnotise online on 4 January 2010 at 20:30 GMT Chris Hughes would set a new record for online hypnotise on his website also can susbscribe or sign up for the audio event at the specific location surely facebook and Twitter account.

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About 2,260 people have sign up to take part for the Monday hypnotise event. For joining this event all you need is a PC and a internet connection. For people that are taking drugs or alcohol or pregnant should not take part in it. The Goal of the event is to put people on the right track for the New Year 2010 also introduce to the people what is hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Asian Hypnotized3 Sceptics says that it not sure that people will fall for it or not hypnotise online. If you want to try it out yourselves it is true or not. Then Tune in on Monday it will be waiting something extraordinary to happen.

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