Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mat Rempit Caught in George Town


As you know Mat Rempit love to race bike by doing dangerous stunt, But their luck turn bad when police arrived in big group to stop the Mat Rempit madness by making more than 200 suspect Mat Rempit for a long night walk. There were force to push their motorcycle for 7km about 2 hours and it is the biggest operation yet.


For the Illegal racer the police caught 9 out of 10 because speedway at Jelutong Expressway. Most of the racer are force to push from point A to B from Tesco hypermarket in Jelutong to the police headquarter at Penang Road. The 200 racer arrive at the HQ at about 3 pm.


The youngest racer was at 16 years old and the other tree tested with a positive drug. On that day 130 summons was given to the racer and spectator at the scene.

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