Thursday, March 25, 2010

[Advertorial] No Sweat


Hmmm the title saying no sweat and Adidas Action3!

From Sweating in Malaysia day and night we keep sweating like waterfall. Even at night it is so hot until we can’t sleep well without aircond. Not only that aircond is contributing to the environment even more.

Forgot about the weather at night. But focus on how will you look like when you are outside on the freaking dark night even on the afternoon that feel it is like 50 Celsius under the sun. No matter how thin or fat or can’t sweat people you will no matter how you will sweat too. Due to sweat we will a special smelly smell will be coming out from our body.

But don’t worry there are Adidas Action 3 that can make you feel fresh and you will smell fresh the whole day people will not even notice you sweat like a “oink oink”. Sweating is good but sweating during working it is BAD. Not only that will give people bad impression about yourself that you do not bath whatsoever.

But don’t worry Adidas is the Solution!


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