Monday, March 29, 2010

Movie Review How To Train Your Dragon

How to train your dragon


Movie make by DreamWorks is always entertaining and interesting movie to watch. Love the movie storyline about the dragon and a girl that he like. It is quite nice when he always go back and take care of the injured dragon and make a wing for the dragon. On the same time the movie have a humor in it, at first i thought there will be Shrek scene in it but i was wrong.  For you all cartoon lover this is a GOOD movie to watch, you all should not miss it. Not as good as Shrek but it is quite close. In the movie there is caring,loving feeling in it. ENJOY!


4/5 It is a quite good movie but they can do it better. But it is still an interesting movie to watch with your family and your girlfriend. Not a romantic movie but enjoying.


I would recommend the movie to cartoon lover, and also people that have watch movie like Shrek, Toy Story because it is as interesting as that. Don’t worry if there is not enough humor in the movie. The Cute Dragon face will droll you into the movie.

If you hate dragon, cartoon whatsoever i think you should watch more hello kitty adventure or something. If you are a hardcore person that wanted to watch Action movie this movie is not for you.




Jay Baruchel as Hiccups!

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America Ferrera as Astrid! Ooooo that was her, because watching the movie she sound familiar.

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Gerrard Butler as Stoick the Viking(Leader) Was wondering who sound the weird Viking sound but it was Butler!

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Look at the Dragon,Toothless,Night Fury is the Name. Does it look cute it look like puppies Eye!

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The dragon start to understand about boy by making fierce face!

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Look Again! The Cute Looking Dragon!


Love this Scene! When she learn to like the dragon too!

To know more just go to the cinema and watch the movie!

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