Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jessica Alba Talking about Getting Naked in the BIG Screen


Most of the people would love to see Jessica Naked in any type form of movie. But Sadly Jessica Alba say that she will not want to be naked in any movie only showing her sexiness to everybody such as her Panties and Bra. By that she will only get naked for her husband. I was wondering that guy would be the luckiest man alive to see that thing.

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She say that she feel uneasy how her body developed but you see her body is damn sexy even she do not have a big breast than other celebrities but the face and body is the perfection. She also said that one time she only wear panties and bra her grandmother take a towel and throw at her. Means we all are lucky to see more skin than we are seeing now.

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She is born from a VERY catholic Family by that do not be so sure that you can see her naked anytime soon. You can see other porn star naked instead. So Better luck next time that a celebrities would want to get naked for just getting publicity. 

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So you want to see how extend her sexiness! Do View Below


I was WISHING THAT I Can Get a Girlfriend Like Jessica Alba! I would feel like I am in HEAVEN!

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Nikel Khor said...

wah...pretty leg n body

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