Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Car stuck in front of a SPEEDING TRUCK


Look at that I am surprise that the truck driver did not notice a car in front of his truck and still speeding like MAD! There is a video to proof it too!

It is quite scary if it happen too you. So make sure next time when you are driving look left and right to make sure there are not big vehicle coming to drag you around in front of their Gigantic Vehicle.


According to source say that the car is a Renault Cio and was drove by a female.


She thought she gonna died because been trapped at the bumper of the big truck and she worry that the truck would run over her car and killed her. She try calling 999 by shouting “ I'm going to die”  but the operator try to calm her down but the operator can’t do much about it. During the incident she did not get injured whatsoever. The truck is a Arclid Transport HGV.


For her to let the truck driver to notice her she try to pull her handbrake,stepping handbrake and flashing her hazard light. But it take about a minute only the truck driver notice it. But after that both of the vehicle are safe that stopped at the side of the road. According to police they will investigate about the matter. Also the police receive a call from a witness.

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