Monday, March 1, 2010

The Smallest and Tiniest Hotel in the WORLD


This funny looking Hotel is located at London the size is 29 feet by 7 feet. For this small hotel it will move to a new places everyday to be more specific every morning. This hotel is to attract visitor to the City.


This small tiny hotel have a concierge, check in desk, room service, a flat screen TV, dining room area, double bed and en-suite facilities. You will be surprise a small hotel have everything like you are in a BIG Hotel.


For this small hotel it will be only a 1 week stay and will move to different places when you wake up in the next morning. This hotel will be at ZSL London Zoo, Alexandra Palace, The London Eye, Covent Garden and the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

Every Morning the guest wake up they will get a complimentary  free newspaper and breakfast. This Hotel will be “World’s smallest pop-up hotel”


If you want to join this contest it is still open until 7 March 2010.

Contest Page


15 March: ZSL London Zoo, including free entry into the Zoo


16 March: Alexandra Palace, including a free ice skating pass

South Bank couple large london-eye

17 March: The South Bank, including free fast track tickets to The Merlin Entertainments London Eye


18 March: Covent Garden


19th March: Old Royal Navy College, Greenwich, including a tour of the site

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5 Lovely Comment:

Nic Da Nic said... small..can do what inside?
no swimming pool also....

how much it cost actually???just curious...if mahal sure luxury lor.

btw...Did u join the contest? said...

nanged u. Get bored with Maggi? Here is the alternative!

Jimmy T said...

Nic@ Can Enjoy go different places. Never join so far London! How i want ot go there

Tekkaus said...

Wow...indeed very small. :D

Nikel Khor said...

so special hotel

from Nikel Khor