Saturday, March 6, 2010

Porsche 918 Spyder Steal The Show at Geneva Motor Show!


Porsche have just release a new car! The specialty of the car is it is a hybrid electric type of car. The car look almost the same as most of the older model of Porsche but the car still do not disappoint us with the ability and power of the car.


-The car is 3.4 Litre V8 from the American Le Mans Series RS Spyder

-revving to 9,200rpm 

-over 500bhp

-three electric motors on the front axle with a maximum output of 218bhp

Porsche_918_Spyder_Concept-2 Porsche_918_Spyder_Concept-3

The car can be recharged and on the same time setting it to hybrid mode would make the car release less  Carbon Dioxide Gas. The Top Speed of the Car is 62 mph at 3.2 seconds it is quite unbelievable  and also can reach quite close to 200 mph. It is quite good for a new technology and electric car to speed that fast.


Body of the car are built with carbon fibre to make the car even lighter. The car is built in with retractable air intakes just like the Bugatti Veyron. For the rear spoiler to raise up is to improve the downforce of the car. The car are specially design to be more aerodynamic  than before.


If you all damn lazy to read what I just type you can watch the video below and will tell more or less what is the car all about!

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