Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oscar Christine Hendricks Won for the Best Cleavage

christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_004 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_001 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_002 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_003 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_005 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_006 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_007 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_008 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_009 christine_hendricks_cleavage_at_oscar_party_010

Damn! Wherever she go surely you can see her BIG or Gigantic Cleavage hanging out. Maybe she never won anything on the OSCAR if they a contest for best cleavage she will surely WIN it!

Every event they is surely that 2 baby will be popping out!

3 Lovely Comment:

kenwooi said...

lol perv.. =P

Supia Chao said...

look like a big squeeze rather than cleavage.

Jimmy T said...

Supia@ Squeeze because TOO BIG Liao!