Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The First in the World: Car Aquarium with FISH

aquarium3aquarium1 aquarium4 aquarium5 aquarium6 aquarium7  aquarium2

Damn it is really amazing! Maybe in the future I will get one of this in my house but it take a “BIG DAMN BIG SPOT”. If you have a Car like BMW you should modified it into a FISH TANK if you are too rich until don’t know what to use should buy this Car Aquarium or donate it to me.

Even it can put stuff like a normal aquarium like Pump, Heater and so on. But obviously after changing your car to a fish aquarium you can’t use the car already but where got people use a car that you pay thousand for it to make it into a  fish aquarium. Maybe using the scrap metal car to make it.

3 Lovely Comment:

Tekkaus said...

Who's brilliant idea is this? :p

Jimmy T said...

Tekkaus@ No Idea! Maybe is mine because I am sharing

fiona06 said...

so unbelievable @.@