Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Cars That Have Been Pimp!

Wow  is that Myvi?

091-300x300 45-300x300 081-300x300 136-300x300 142-300x300 152-300x300 162-300x300 172-300x239 182-300x300 192-300x300 202-300x300 214-300x300 232-300x300 242-300x300 252-300x300 262-300x300 272-300x300 282-300x300 292-300x300 301-300x300 312-300x300 322-300x300 341-300x300 351-300x300 361-300x300 371-300x300 391-300x300 1012-300x300 1112-300x300 1212-300x300 40-300x300 43-300x300 44-300x300

2 Lovely Comment:

How Jun said...

That myvi is in Penang!

Jimmy T said...

How Jun@ Wow you know!Valentine Day Theme Myvi haha!