Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BMW vs Audi Advertisement Video! Competing with Each Other

They should change Joyful is IdiotProof!
Before that Audi have a Video Advertisement by saying that they have WON 3 award against BMW and by saying it is a FAIR Win. But BMW have just release a video as you can see on top by shooting back to Audi.
As you can see the little boy draw a BMW Hybrid Engine Car with Efficiency Technologies not only that it have an unique type of design of the car.

This is the Video I am talking about! Audi saying that they have Won 3 Category against BMW by saying that BMW know the feeling to become second place meaning loser!   68

From my point of View Audi Video are much better than BMW but for now I am still loving BMW Cars hope they will not disappoint me or downgrade every model they release! GO BMW!
This video on top proof that BMW is still one of the best car! Better than Audi
Audi S5 a more powerful Engine Car vs BMW335i a smaller engine but a better handling Car
But the Winner is
BMW Won is because of the car handling even Audi have a bigger engine it still losses! It Prove BMW is the BEST!

2 Lovely Comment:

Nikel Khor said...

i personaly love BMW...but audi look cool more

from Nikel Khor

Jimmy T said...

Nikel@ BMW is still the best, the performance,handling everything is good but their design are not as good looking as Audi but important to me the power and handling should not dissapoint me!