Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Future of Car Design! More Stylish,Slicker,Faster,Sporty

conceptcar1-591x1024 Concept_Car_V2___Panel_by_3dnutta-512x1024  dwt_concept_car-542x1024conceptcar  concept_o  Audi_aQa_concept_2_by_cipriany-1024x768 Concept_Car_by_mus0u AeroDesign_1__Concept_by_AeroDesign94

Wow Future Car Design look Hot! It look more like Bugatti Veyron Maybe Bugatti is the car of the future. Hoping in the future I can enjoy flying car that can fly from one point to one point just in a few minutes without any traffic jam on the road.

Times is Money. No money no talk as easy as that. Love the next gen design of the car. If it is not the car of the future but i still admire the design of  the car.

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