Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tila Tequila Trying too Hard for Attention


For this picture she look appropriate right? If you say yes than you are absolutely wrong!

20100330-100329P1-TEQUILA-B-GR-18 20100330-100329P1-TEQUILA-B-GR-10

Look at the Watermelon it is for eating but instead she pose to the camera to make the watermelon look like her boobs. She is famous already and have a beautiful body and looks why she want to become a whore walking around.


Look at both of this picture! WTF does she need to put pot or sausage on the floor. The Food and pot should be put into a trolley or basket. Instead she put in the floor and flash her hot butt!

I know you Like to see it! Don’t look too much!

2 Lovely Comment:

mizarwen said...

stupid whore..LOL

Jimmy T said...

Mizarwen@ But she is Rich,and GUYS like her! Fake Boobs too