Saturday, March 20, 2010

Robotic Flies Have Arrived

designed-robo-flyes01designed-robo-flyes03     designed-robo-flyes02

This is all the design by people of robotic fly. In the future spying is so easy and it is can be as tiny as ants. People Privacy will be a big problem in the future. For now it is still safe. Even wanted to spy on other country is so easy. It will be undetectable it is so tiny and small.  designed-robo-flyes06

To Overcome this problem is only when they create a device that can detect radio wave or whatever they use it. If in the future there are big demand and supply people will spy on girls in the toilet and etc etc.


Sometimes technology do help us in some way but people does misuse it  for their own enjoyment or dominance in something that they can’t win in a good way. But just love it, technology have make our life change and there are still biggest changes that we will encounter in the future.


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