Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Christmas Actress Lauren London and Sharon Deal

this_ christmas_ movie_ review 

Even now is not Christmas and it is a 2007 movie but it is a quite interesting movie to watch. I will give this movie 4 out of 5. In the movie all the character have a story except the kids. All the stories are quite interesting and juicy on the same time such as scandal,pregnant,hot female actor etc etc.


Sometimes a movie that attract us a movie is the storyline or character. For me both but more to the character that attract me to watch the movie from start to finish. We are human being right we should be attract on opposite sex but if you are the *ahem* type that is different kind of story.

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She is Lauren London!

What I like about this girl is she is cute,have dimple,sexy and everything is perfect. Cute is good because you can’t get bored of it. If you get a girl that are beautiful one day you will feel bored of it if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean you should look more often emoticon-moji-029

Next Female is Sharon Leal

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She is not cute as the first girl but still quite GOOD! Everything is PERFECT and OK! Is her smile cute? Irresistible!

4 Lovely Comment:

Elaine New said...

da 1st gal acted in 90210. i dun like her tho. haha.

Jimmy T said...

Elaine@ But she look gorgeous =]!

Daphne Le Lyra said...

soo how am i?cute or!!beautiful means makeup covering rite?hahaha

Jimmy T said...

Daphne@ Never think of it but can say like that too haha! I like cute girl than beautiful girl because can't get bored of them and their look always cute!

Hmmmm let me judge you maybe you are the cute side by looking at your picture. Hope I can get a Cute Girlfriend haha!